We Help DTC Brands Add 20-30% Extra Revenue Through ROI-Driven Email Marketing

Unleash the full potential of your existing database to increase your AOV, CLTV, and scale quickly and safely.

Crushing Your Revenue Goals Made Easy

Your current database is a goldmine. It’s like you sitting on a mount of gold that you can tap into any given day. 

All you need is a team that can dive deep, set the right flows, create the right strategies and help you maximize its potential.

Our tailored email copy drives instant ROI as soon as it reaches your audience. For you, it’s 100% hands-off, automated, and repeatable. 

You get to add another 20-40% to your bottom line. This is the revenue that’s been hiding in plain sight. Imagine what it could mean for your business. 

Have all the holes in your retention marketing plugged once and for all. Meaning, you get more loyal customers that are vested in the brand and are here to stay for years to come.


$12 Million In Revenue Generated For Our Partners

Helping German DTC Brand Make Additional €356k

Helping a truly international brand make the most out of their existing database and helping them make an additional €356K in 8 months.

Spreading Wings Across Japan & Pulling 8 Million Yuan In Sales

No country, no conversions are off limit. With the help of our diverse collaborations, we helped this business expand in Japan and add another 8 million Yuan to its bottom line.

Using Existing Database to Pull +€100k In France & Italy

Database is King. For this brand, we leveraged their data for France and Italy and brought in an additional +€100k in sales.

Adding $700K to the bottom line in 3 months

Before partnering with us, they were struggling to get their products to convert. 

We stepped in, revamped their copy strategy and helped them leverage email to drive $700k in 3 months.

Using email and copywriting to scale past $5 Million/Year

The project kicked off in March and by the end of 2022, we were sitting at $5 Million/year.
Talking about 10-30x Return on AD SPEND via email and copy.

Helping A Dutch DTC Brand Scale to $100k/year and then $500K/year

Helping A Dutch DTC Brand Scale to $100k/year and then $500K/year Went all in with this Dutch brand and helped them scale to $6 Million a year. 
It involved strategies, email marketing, and copy. 

Some eCommerce Stores We’ve Partnered With

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About Shahzad Khan

Hi, Shahzad here – Founder of Conversion Crush.

I’m an award-winning direct response copywriter with more than 3000 projects under my belt. 

While working as a copywriter, I discovered that some of my clients weren’t putting their email to the right use. 

Sure, they had huge databases and whatnot, but they aren’t tapping into their full potential. 

That’s when I started helping them with email and copy and…

Fast forward to today, I’ve helped them generate $12 Million in additional revenue. 


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